Nestled in the heart of Rwanda, Akagera National Park stands as a testament to the country's commitment to conservation and the revival of its natural heritage. This captivating park, stretching over a tapestry of lush landscapes, tranquil lakes, and sprawling savannahs, beckons travelers to embark on an expedition into the realm of Africa's wildlife.

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Experience Rwanda’s wildlife in Akagera National Park: game drives, boat cruises, and more.
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Our Thoughts

A Symphony of Biodiversity

Akagera National Park’s landscape is a canvas painted with diversity. From the vast plains where graceful giraffes roam freely to the reflective waters of Lake Ihema where hippos bask, every inch of the park pulses with life. The park’s reinvigorated ecosystem showcases the successful efforts to reintroduce native species such as lions and black rhinos, reclaiming their rightful place in the African wilderness.

Thrilling Safari Adventures

A safari in Akagera is an odyssey of enchantment. Guided game drives open a window into the lives of the park’s residents, from the regal elephants meandering through golden grasslands to the elusive leopards that prowl the shadows. As the sun kisses the horizon, the park transforms into a theater of nature’s spectacle, with silhouetted acacia trees and the distant call of a lion adding to the ambiance.

Lake Adventures and Birding

The lakes that grace Akagera’s expanse add an aquatic dimension to the experience. Lake Ihema, the second-largest lake in Rwanda, provides a serene backdrop for boat safaris. Glide through the water while observing the antics of hippos and crocodiles, and witness an array of waterbirds from cormorants to fish eagles. Akagera is a haven for bird enthusiasts, with over 500 species gracing its skies and shores.

Conservation and Community Empowerment

Beyond its wildlife splendor, Akagera National Park has an inspiring tale of conservation and community collaboration. The park’s revival has not only helped protect endangered species but also fostered economic growth within local communities. Through employment, education, and sustainable tourism initiatives, the park empowers nearby residents to become stewards of its future.

Embark on Your Akagera Journey

Accessing Akagera is as much a part of the adventure as exploring it. The park is easily reached from Kigali, making it a convenient extension to any Rwandan itinerary. As the sunsets cast a warm glow over the savannah and the nocturnal symphony begins, Akagera National Park unveils its true essence—a haven of life, revival, and nature’s raw beauty.

Rwanda at a Glance


Northern Province of Rwanda


1,122 km²


2-3 hours from Kigali

Popular Wildlife:

Lions, Elephants, Giraffes, Zebras

Popular Activity:

Game drives, Boat rides, Bird watching

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