Mount Bisoke Hike

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Mount Bisoke straddles the Rwanda-DRCongo border in the Virunga massif. Although its peak isn’t snow-capped, it’s shrouded in mist. Your adventure begins at 6:30 AM in Kinigi, Virunga National Park’s HQ, where you’ll complete formalities and receive a ranger briefing. You’ll start your ascent from Bisoke’s base, a 30-minute drive from Kinigi.

Bisoke is home to endangered mountain gorillas, a prized Rwandan attraction. As you hike, you’ll traverse different vegetation zones, from bamboo forests, preferred by golden monkeys and mountain gorillas, to Hagenia forests and Lobelia bush near the summit. The slopes host diverse bird species.

Reaching the summit unveils a stunning crater lake—a perfect lunch spot before the descent. This full-day trek lasts around 3-3.5 hours up and 2-2.5 hours down, with timing depending on group pace and fitness levels. It’s a challenging hike due to altitude, steep slopes, and rough terrain. Experience this unique adventure!

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