Canopy Walk – Nyungwe Forest

About your Trip

A Canopy Walk, spotting monkeys, birds, and butterflies during a 2.1 Km hike to a suspended bridge and a visit to Ndambarare or Isumo waterfalls.

What you'll do

Embark on the Canopy Walk adventure in Nyungwe National Park. Begin with a 2.1 Km hike along the Igishigishi trail, leading to a 160 meters suspended bridge over the forest. While hiking, spot various wildlife like monkeys, birds, and butterflies. Despite some gentle uphill points, it’s suitable for all hikers. Wear hiking shoes, a rain jacket, carry water and snacks, and don’t forget your camera. After the 10km hike, reward yourself with a visit to Nyungwe’s Ndambarare or Isumo waterfalls for a serene finale. A nature experience that combines thrilling heights with serene falls awaits you.

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